The Northern Sky: Further Up and Further In

Forum... dead...
This forum is dead... apparently, since no one will contact me, I'm the only one left. This forum never got off the ground because there was no promotion at all and I will blame some of it on me. The Western Wood is dead too. I have tried and tried to contact the people who were the runners of that site and I received nothing. Since this has all happened if you are reading this now I am moving completely to deviantART. I will form a group called the Western Wood if I can get permission for the name and hopefully have a full running page filled with seasonal competitions and Awards like this one used to have. Why I am moving it to deviantART when I get the chance? I find that site simpler to join and you can post your fics directly onto the group page so there will be no going back and forth from Fanfiction to LJ.  Plus fan art will always be able to be posted and I will run competitions for those separately. Please hang in there and when I get the time (and people, reliable people) I will make the group and post the link here. Thank you.   

Into the Wardrobe
moon, wolf
Welcome to Narnia...Where Talking Creatures live, where a mystical land exists, where Magic is abundant and it all is ruled by Aslan, Son of the Emperor-Over-the-Sea and Lord of all the lands of Narnia (even if not all in the surrounding lands accept it) and those he chooses...

This is also a place where we can all get to know each other without worry and threat of another Telmarine or Calormene attack, and none of the fallen creatures can get to us here. So come on into the Wardrobe, the weather's fine.

Cair Paravel's Jester Tournament
cookies, peter
Hear ye, hear ye! By royal decree of his majesty the High King Peter, High King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel and Emperor of the Lone Islands, there will be a tournament that will occur, lasting until the leaves turn red and fall from the sky...

Okay seriously though, the tournament coming up is a court jester tournament of sorts. The contest consists of writing a comedic Narnian fic, whether it be a one-shot or a multi-chapter fic. As stated by the Western Woods, the fics need to be at the rating of T or lower to be admitted.

The Northern Sky Rules of Conduct
moon, wolf
1) This site (and all of its subsidiaries) is dedicated to conversing and writing about C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and fan fictions regarding it. As such, we respectfully request that conversations posted on the site refer to the Chronicles of Narnia, the fan fictions, or anything that the managers have posted to this site.

2) In order to respect not only the management, but the users of this site, profanity is not allowed here.

3) This site does not discriminate in fan fictions of Narnia. As such, we allow AU, non AU, Suspian, non Suspian, OCs and non OCs. The exception to the rule is that anything with an M or MA ruling, lemons and limes, incest and instances of extreme OOCs (such as a Pevensie killing another Pevensie, etc) is not allowed.

4) Narnia is a peaceful society, and as such the Northern Sky is meant to be peaceful as well. Due to this aspiration, there will be no slander or instigators allowed on the site. All negative comments will not be tolerated and will be summarily deleted.


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